Hicyan Ceramic Art Center Space Design

Hicyan Ceramic Art Center has a total area of 10,000 square meters. We takes oriental aesthetics as the design concept and enhances the brand experiences with this space. RDA Team was invited to design this new art space, from architectural exterior design to interior space, RDA incorporates the brand's unique simple and exquisite identity style, combined with excellent material application, to build it into a ceramic art palace.

Client: Hicyan Ceramics
Services: Architecture Design, Space Design, Interior Design
Creative Director: Uran Wang / Shaochen Huang
Designer Team: Uran Wang / Shaochen Huang / Jack Song / Talia Zhang / Alice Han / RDA Team.
Photography: Uran Wang / Sieh Zhang
Typeface Design: Kun Diao
Project Manager: Christina Wang
Design Agency: RDA Team. For more information: www.rdateam.com

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Learn more: www.rdateam.com

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