Several years ago, I had the idea to organize images from our travels around the world into a photo book, but I was so busy with work that it was both difficult to find the time and complicated to pick only a hundred photos out of ten thousand. In 2020, Covid-19 struck, disrupting our latest plans to travel the world.   
But in staying home,  I found the time and motivation to organize these photos while looking forward to the world health reboot. In the process of organizing these images,  one big question kept lingering in my mind… What is the meaning of travel?   And then a second question… Why can’t we stay in one place and deeply experience another? I think there must be something physical in it that we don’t have when it’s not around us.  
For me though, it’s not the hustle and bustle, nor the energy of the modern industries or magnificent wonders human beings have created, but rather, it’s the the nature  of those places  we experience without crowds. Whenever I look at these special photos and think back to the moment when I pressed the shutter, I am touched by the feeling of returning to nature, the simple, the basic, the essence, which makes me feel the insignificance of being human and consciously fills me with a humble heart.  

I hope these photos will inspire you to cherish the present moment and consider deeply, the meaning of life. In the near future, in more distant corners of this blue planet, there will be other exciting and meaningful moments of pressing the shutter.  And I hope to share those moments with you also and we can experience that special feeling together.
许多年前,我曾有个想法,将这些年游走世界的影像整理为摄影集,无奈工作繁忙,想要从数万幅照片中挑出一百幅,既困难,又缺少一个理由。 2020年,Covid-19的出现,打乱了我们周游世界的计划,在期待世界重启的同时,也有了整理这些照片的时间和动力。
在整理照片的过程中,有个问题一直萦绕在脑中,我们旅行的意义是什么?为什么我们要离开一个地方,前往另一处? 我想,那过程中必然有我们身边所没有的东西,于我而言,肯定不是繁华喧嚣,也不是那些人类所创造的现代工业和宏伟奇迹;相反的,我希望更多去感受真正的自然,体验那些没有人群聚集的地方。
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