From City to Mountain

A selection of photography by Uran Wang in 2022.

Amidst the noise and concrete strife, 
Where sirens wail and engines drone, 
I long for peace and simple life, 
And freedom far from city's throne.

So I set out on a quest, 
To leave behind the busy street, 
And find a place where I can rest, 
Where nature's beauty can't be beat.
I follow roads that lead uphill, 
To where the air is pure and still, 
And all my worries fade away, 
As I gaze upon the mountains play.

With every step, 
I leave behind The chaos of the city life, 
And find a calm that I can call mine, 
In this serene and peaceful strife.

Here, where streams run free and clear, 
And pines stand tall and strong, 
I am free from city's grip and fear, 
And feel my soul begin to long.

So let me stay a little while, 
In this haven of pure delight, 
And bask in nature's endless smile, 
From city's noise and into light.

Thanks for watching.
Photo by Uran Wang

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