I remember once, the Italian designer Paolo told me, "You must visit London, as it's unlike any other European city." From that moment, the idea of a trip to London began to brew in my heart. The city, with its unique blend of vibrancy, history, and modernity, unfolds like a vivid tapestry before your eyes. From iconic Victorian-era buildings to quaint cafés hidden around street corners, every detail reveals its diverse charm. Here, architecture does more than define space—it encapsulates history, serving as a sanctuary where creativity and culture converge. London truly stands apart; its beauty lies in the resilient glow that shines through the ages, illuminating not just the city's path but also the depths of my soul.

伦敦 ·英国

Visit British Museum

Taking street photography in London is a wonderful experience, capturing the vibrant essence of the city's life and culture.

Clouds over the green rolling hills of the Bashang Grasslands.

A woman in red walking to Barbican Center.

London's building and architecture design style is a captivating blend of historic landmarks, modern skyscrapers, and eclectic architectural influences, creating a visually stunning cityscape.

London CBD into night.

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