Lake Tekapo is a resort village and lake in the Mackenzie Country in the South Island of New Zealand.Surrounded by mountains and far from the glare of city lights, Lake Tekapo's cloud free skies make it one of the best places in the Southern Hemisphere to see the night sky. Local light-pollution laws require all exterior night-time lighting to shine down onto the ground, rather than into the sky. World heritage status is currently being sought for the whole area as the world's first starlight preservation area.

The sunlight reached the South Alps Mountain Range.

A ray of morning light just across the mountain.

Stop on the No.8 Highway

Lake Pukaki, the milk lake.

Yellow and Blue

One of the camp park

A modern bridge before the lake

Milky Way and so many stars

The views from the top of Mount John are simply unbeatable for alpine landscapes during the day, and for unrivalled scenes of the wide open dark starry skies at night.

A another sunset after rain

Road to Mount John

The town from above

Two little on Mount John

A selfie before the lake

A dark cloudy morning view from the BNB

One of the best place to read

Splendid view

A girl is reading before the blue lake, one of the best scene in my memory.

The place we spent a few days.

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